Main advantages
Compressors from world leaders in production Air flow adjustment Wireless Wi-Fi control Reliable Inverter Motor Adaptation according to climatic conditions
Compressors from world leaders in production
High-quality, inverter compressor with a record low level of power consumption, will provide the optimum temperature in the room.
Compressors from world leaders in production
Air flow adjustment
Adjusting the air flow will allow you to regulate the power and direction of the wind, which will cool or heat the room in the most comfortable conditions.
Air flow adjustment
Wireless Wi-Fi control
Air conditioning control has become even more convenient. By connecting your air conditioner to a Wi-Fi network, you can control it from anywhere in the world with your smartphone.
Wireless Wi-Fi control


Performance at low voltage * 150 V enable
3-level air purification no
Motor Inverter enable
Compressors from world production leaders enable
Adapted to climatic conditions enable
Wi-Fi control enable
General characteristics
Cooled / heated room space, sq.m. up to 28
The type of Refrigerant (Freon) R 410A
Ventilation mode enable
LED-display (set temperature, operation mode, on / off) enable
Anticorrosion coating enable
Ambient temperature during cooling operation to + 52°C
Ambient temperature during heating operation to – 20°C
Noise level of indoor / outdoor unit, not more than dB 40 / 52
Specific cooling capacity, W/W, not less 3,29 (2,51 ~ 3,63)
Specific heating capacity, W/W, not less 3,83 (2,51 ~ 4,85)
Air flow capacity, m3/hr, not less 650.0
Cooling capacity, BTU, not less 12350 (6653 ~ 12350)
Heating capacity, BTU, not less 13100 (5800 ~ 13100)
Heating capacity, kW, not less 3,84 (1,7 ~ 3,84)
Cooling capacity, kW, not less 3,62 (1,95 ~ 3,62)
Energy consumption
Power consumption for cooling, W 1099 (537 ~ 1443)
Power consumption for heating, W 1002 ( 350 ~ 1158)
Power (phase, voltage, frequency) 1 F / 187 – 242 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions of indoor unit (Height x Width x Depth), mm 203 x 800 x 300
Dimensions of outdoor unit (Height x Width x Depth), mm 540 x 780 x 250
Weight of the indoor unit, not more, kg 10.0
Weight of the outdoor unit, not more, kg 27.0
More than 30 service centers
Own logistics center
The largest manufacturer in Central Asia
3 years of full warranty

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