Built-in safity system Reliable, removable glass door of oven Grill function in the ranges Burners electric ignition Dish storage box Sound alert of readiness of dishes
Built-in safity system
One of the most important functions of a gas stove is the gas control system. This system will automatically shut off the gas if the flame suddenly goes out.
Built-in safity system
Grill function in the ranges
The oven of Apetito-03E stove is equipped with a grill function, which is ideal for making juicy chicken with a crispy crust. All you need is to press a button, the oven will do the rest for you.
Grill function in the ranges
Dish storage box
At the bottom of the gas stove there is a convenient drawer in which you can store all the necessary kitchen wares.
Dish storage box
Burners electric ignition
The electric ignition of the burners saves your time and eliminate the need to use matches every time you turn the stove on.
Burners electric ignition


Range type Combined
Cooking surface type Combined
Oven type Combined
Convenient operation enable
Box for storing dishes enable
Gas control enable
Electric ignition enable
Thermometer enable
Grill function enable
Thermostat enable
Timer enable
Work indicators enable
Type Combined
Oven capacity, l 52.8
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz
Upper heater, W 1000.0
Lower heater, W -
Cooktop burners electric ignition enable
Number of cooktop gas burners, pcs 3.0
Number of electric hobs, pcs 1.0
Cooktop gas supply control enable
Digital timer -
Mechanical timer enable
Oven electric ignition enable
Thermostat enable
Electric oven lighting enable
Oven convection -
Electric broiling rack enable
Storage drawer enable
Nickel-plated oven wire racks, pcs 1.0
Pan, pcs 2.0
Oven thermometer enable
Oven heater indicator enable
Gas control enable
Dimensions without package (W x D x H), mm 500 х 570 х 850
Dimension dimensions with packing (W x D x H), mm 555 х 665 х 900
Weight without package, kg 31.7

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  • Artel Milagro 50 02-K G/Br combined range
  • 2000000 sum

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