Copper winding engine
Body material: high quality metal.
The uniqueness of this model is that the internal gears are made of metal. The meat grinder will serve you for a long time.
The newest electronic system Digital Protection protects the motor from overload, which significantly extends the life of the meat grinder.
Number of speeds: 2.
Rotation of the screw (Speed 1) 190 rpm ± 10%
Rotation of the screw (Speed 2) 240 rpm ± 10%
Device speed: 2.5 kg of meat billet per minute.
The convenient reverse function will help you to grind the meat grinder in the opposite direction without any special and dangerous efforts.
Self-sharpening knife will allow you to get high-quality minced meat and use the meat grinder for a long time without sharpening knives in workshops.
Nozzle for kebbe.
Nozzle for sausages.
The maximum time for continuous operation is 5 minutes.
Break between inclusions 15 minutes.
More than 30 service centers
Own logistics center
The largest manufacturer in Central Asia
3 years of full warranty

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