Artel and Coca-Cola have signed a contract for the supply of refrigerated display refrigerators.

Coca-Cola is a huge corporation for which it is important that every consumer can quench their thirst with a cool drink on a hot, summer day. In order to provide consumers with cool drinks, Coca-Cola chooses only the most reliable refrigerators, which never fail and are ready to work even on the hottest days. Artel is the largest manufacturer of household appliances and electronics in Central Asia, one of the leaders in the field of innovative technologies.



Витринные холодильники Artel — это отличные помощники в развитии бизнеса. Их отличительные особенности — высокая мощность и большое открытое внутреннее пространство, которое позволит наглядно преподнести любой продукт в привлекательном свете. А правильно продемонстрированный продукт — залог хороших продаж.


The total amount of Artel display refrigerators is from 300 to 400 liters.


Artel showcase refrigerators include European reliability and power, coupled with energy efficiency. We use world-famous Embraco compressors 



Having high power and low noise level, energy-efficient Artel showcase refrigerators are the perfect solution for any store, and cooperation with the global giant Coca-Cola only proves the highest level of quality.



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