Compressors from world leaders in production Adaptation according to climatic conditions Reliable Inverter Motor Кондиционеры Artel Turbo Cool - режим быстрого охлаждения. Volt Control Ионизация воздуха Low Voltage Inverter technology Air flow adjustment Беспроводное управление Wi-Fi
3 years warranty
A 3-year full warranty is provided. In the case of a malfunctions of the warranty nature specified in the warranty card, free service of the air conditioner is provided.
3 years warranty
Warms even at -20C
Artel air conditioner is able to create a comfortable temperature in your home regardless of the external climate. The model heats at an ambient temperature of -20°C.
Warms even at -20C
Wi-Fi control function
The WI-FI function in the inverter air conditioner will allow you to control the air conditioner remotely. Using a special AC Smart or AC Freedom application and connecting the air conditioner to your homebase Wi-Fi network, you can remotely configure the operation of your air conditioner using the application.
Wi-Fi control function
Inverter technology
The inverter technology of Artel air conditioners allows you to maintain the set temperature by reducing the speed of the compressor to a minimum. Due to this operation of the compressor engine, the inverter air conditioner is quieter up to 40dB and consumes 41% less electricity than a conventional air conditioner.
Inverter technology


Low voltage operation * starting from 130 V
Motor inverter
Compressors from world leaders in production
Adapted to climatic conditions
Timer/Sleep/iFeel/iClean/Wi-Fi functions
Optional electric heater
Auto restart
General characteristics
Type of refrigerant (Freon) R 410A
Ventilation mode
LED-display (set temperature, operating mode, On/Off.)
Anti-corrosion coating
Cooling ambient temperature up to +52°С
Heating ambient temperature up to -20°С
Noise level of indoor unit / outdoor unit, dB 40 / 52
Specific cooling capacity, W/W (minimum) 3.3
Specific heating capacity, W/W (minimum) 3.91
Air flow, m3/h (minimum) 610.0
Cooling capacity, BTU (minimum) 12775.0
Heating capacity, BTU (minimum) 13880.0
Heat output, kW (minimum) 3.767
Cooling capacity, kW (minimum) 3.467
Recommended Area up to 28 m²
Energy consumption
Power consumption for cooling, W 1050.0
Power consumption for heating, W 962.0
Power supply (phase, voltage, frequency) 1F / 187 — 242V / 50Hz
Dimensions and Weight
Indoor unit (HxWxG) 290 х 892 х 189
Outdoor unit (HxWxG) 552 х 850 х 301
Weight of indoor unit, kg 10.0
Weight of outdoor unit, kg 27.0
More than 30 service centers
Own logistics center
The largest manufacturer in Central Asia
1 to 3 years free full warranty depending on region and category